How To: Tilt shift for a fake miniature effect Photoshop CS4

Tilt shift for a fake miniature effect Photoshop CS4

Easily turn your pics into table top style miniatures with this easy to create effect. This takes panarama photographs from afar and fades certain areas creating a toy scene effect. It's magical. Turn cities into model like images that resemble fantasy more than real life. To do this in Photoshop you're going to use the blur tool, layer masks, copies and gradient tools.

Normally without Photoshop, Tilt-shift requires a special camera setup, a lens that can tilt—or rotate—and shift—move parallel to the image plane. With tilt you control the focus of the image, which works better in vertically oriented framing, blurring the closest and farthest part of the image. With shift you correct the perspective of the image itself, making things look flatter than they actually are.

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Amazing trick! Works in After Effects or Photoshop, just use the same technique.

Thanks so much this is the best!

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