How To: Use color options in Photoshop Elements 4

Use color options in Photoshop Elements 4

This video tutorial belongs to the software category which is going to show you how to use color options in Photoshop Elements 4. This version of Photoshop includes color settings that help you to control the way in which the colors in your photos are managed from capture to editing to printing. To use the options menu, click on edit > color settings. Now you get a dialog box with 4 options. Check the option that you want and click OK. Let's say you select the 'allow me to choose' option. Flick back to photo browser and grab the photo you want to work with. Now click edit and in the 'missing profile' dialog box choose 'optimize for print' option and click OK. Now your photo is optimized for printing. You can choose other options in a similar manner.

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