How To: Use paths and masks to not suck at Photoshop

Use paths and masks to not suck at Photoshop

Strap on your stupid and get at it. Here's some big boy Photoshop work to ready this photo for eBay because you no longer need a wedding ring. Use paths and masks to fix up your photo. Cause there's no denying she left you for someone with more baby making man batter.

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haha, this video is both sad and informative

The "suck series" sucks. I mean that. I'm not just trying to be funny. It sucks. Bad. Go Stillers!

i think this guy is great...information and a story line. i'm hooked.

Dude - you suck at spelling and editing your own videos... in your intro it reads - YOU SUCK IT PHOTOSHOP.. It is supposed to read You suck AT Photoshop....

That's why she left you - because you can't spell..

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