How To: Use Photoshop to create more dramatic photos

Use Photoshop to create more dramatic photos

[http://www.photofocus Photo Focus] contributor Nicole Young shows how to use Photoshop to introduce drama in our pictures. It requires only a few simple steps. First thing done was to add a black and white layer adjustment. This can be done in two ways. First by going down to layers panel and select black and white or if we have Photoshop cs4, we can go down to adjustment panel and click on the black and white option. This adjustment can also be done by clicking auto mode. Now the next thing is changing the blend mode. This done by going to the layers panel, in which there are several options that we can select. Here overlay is selected. And immediately there is a great effect. There is toggle button which when toggled on and off it will increase the contrast. If we want to enhance it even more all we have to do is to take the adjustment layer and drag it down to the new layer icon, we'll get a high contrast and a washed out look.

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