How to Use Photoshop for video: pan & scan image preparation

pan & scan image preparation

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial the instructor shows how to prepare pan and scan images. To prepare an image by panning and scanning is quite different than preparing an image normally for using in your video. These images should be extra sized as you would perform special effects on the image in your video. This is also called as "Ken Burns" effect. Now go to the file, new menu and select the video format that you want to use according to your requirement. Enable the correct pixel aspect ratio. Now bring in your image to the new file, by just drag and dropping. But hold on shift before releasing so that it is placed properly in the center. Now you get the desired image with the proper format. To view the full image go to Image and view all option where you can see the extra space that can be used in your video editing program. This video shows how to make a picture ready for a video by panning and scanning it.

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