How To: Use white balance & automation in Photoshop

Use white balance & automation in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial the instructor shows how to automate white balance. Normally there is a good chance that a group of photos were taken in a particular environment and if there was a white balance defect it would have affected all those pictures. So you will need to automate white balance correction to apply it to all those pictures at the same time. Take a group of photos which has white balance so that you can apply the technique on them. To do this go to Window actions and create a new action. In the action set its name. Now the record is on and the changes are being tracked. Now go to image, adjustments and variation. Now here you can set the variations correctly. Now this recorded action can be applied to the whole bunch of videos as shown in the video. This video shows how to automate the process of white balance correction so that a bunch of images can be corrected automatically.

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