News: 50+ God Awful Photoshop Boo-Boos In Print (Uh... Belly Button?)

50+ God Awful Photoshop Boo-Boos In Print (Uh... Belly Button?)

A bunch of magazine "pros" make big time Photoshop mistakes. Hongkiat posts 52 pretty terrible ones, my favorites featured below. What's their excuse?

Veronica Kay's missing leg.
The three handed woman.
Creepy. She's not alone.
Mandy Moore gets scalped.
Brad and Angelina's son has an evil twin.
Creepy daddy hand remains.
Beyonce's third arm makes an appearance.
Oops. Belly button erased.
The levitating plate.
Mutant baby has seven fingers.
Wow. Just plain embarrassing use of the clone tool.

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I thought these guys had people to check errors. At the very least they should be flipping the image to get a fresh perspective. That last one with 3 feet is confusing.

OMG that is so funny. Really makes you question every image you see, as well you should ! ! !

omg, i mean how come u dont notice Veronica Kays missing leg?

i hate to say i know this but the brad / angelina photo is of their daughter... not son. and her name is zahara... oh god i have to stop. this is embarrassing!

The last one isn't photoshopped. It's just an optical illusion. He has his left boot off to wash his foot, and is balancing on his right foot, and is pretty much sitting on his left boot!

Thank you, that was annoying me.

photoshop fail LOL
the last pic is ridiculous, osama got three legs O_O

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