News: Notice Anything Different?

Notice Anything Different?

U.K. department store Debenhams has pulled back the curtain on the reality behind swimsuit modeling. As expected, the standard model goes through quite a bit of "Photoshop magic".

Debenhams makes a statement by going au naturale this season.

Au naturale on the left, retouched on the right.

Daily Mail reports that Debenham's creative director Mark Woods issued the following statement:

"As a responsible retailer we want to help customers make the most of their beauty without bombarding them with unattainable body images.

Our campaign is all about making women feel good about themselves - not eroding their self belief and esteem by using false comparisons.

Not only does it make sense from a moral point of view, it ticks the economic boxes as well. Millions of pounds a year are spent by organisations retouching perfectly good images.

'As a rule we only airbrush minor things like pigmentation or stray hair and rely on the natural beauty of models to make our product look great.

We are proud to bring the issue of re-touching into the main stream when the likes of Britney Spears and Madonna are using unairbrushed but over-lit images as a shock tactic."

Notice Anything Different?

As the diagram above illustrates, a lot of work goes into "improving" the model's look (Although, I'd have to say there isn't much to retouch with this particular model). The major body slimming/morphing is the most disturbing, and also perhaps requires above average Photoshop skills.

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hand fixed, too.... that's the hardest part to make look "young" whether it digitally or with plastics

the hand can always determine how old a person is, how right you are. Get as many face lifts as you'd like, your hands will always tell.

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