How To: Retouch an image in Photoshop CS4

Retouch an image in Photoshop CS4

This video is describing how to retouch a photograph by using Photoshop CS4. The first step is to get a photo that you would like to edit, preferably of a person's face. Then make a new layer that duplicates the background, go to Gaussian blur, then go to hard light for your layer blending. Then draw lipstick on the model by using the polygon lasso tool and the hue/saturation tool. Then chase the hue and saturation to the correct color, then erase the edges that you accidently missed with your lasso tool. Now we will add eye liner by using the same steps as drawing on the lipstick, except lasso the place where you would want the eyeliner instead of the lips. Next to apply blush change the foreground color to a pink color, create a new layer, and choose your brush tool. Then paint the blush onto the model's face. Then do filter, blur, Gaussian blur. Then decrease the opacity of your layer and your finished.

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