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News: Playin' with Colors; I Call It Blue Sunday

I used, I think 4 images for this one. They were mostly partial works begun for making masks. I tinted them using others filters in different ranges and then sandwiched them together as transparencies. From there I worked the colors and transparencies together to get close to my desired effect. After that I hand colored some areas of some of the layers to finish it off.

News: See the Famous Burning Monk in Shocking Color

In 1963 a Vietnamese Buddhist monk named Lâm Van Tuc burned himself to death on a busy Saigon road in protest of the persecution of Buddhists by South Vietnam's Ngô Ðình Di?m administration. Malcolm Browne's photo and journalist David Halberstam's account of the event circulated the world, winning both of them a Pulitzer Prize.

News: Humans In Muppet Skin

What if you skinned a muppet and wore it as a mask? In the virtual 2D world of the internet, it might work a little something like this: photos of muppets + photos of human eyes x Photoshop = weirdest Tumblog ever, by Mike Lacher.

News: The Most "Authentic" Sci-Fi Airshow Ever

The provenance of this Sci Fi Airshow is unquestionable. With decades of experience interpreting science fiction from a written to a visual medium, Bill George is the perfect tour guide for this fantastical, photoshopped exhibit. Assembling the collective imagination of multiple authors into one Airshow is a rare treat.

News: Photoshop Breeds Hot Model Chameleons

Photographer Zoren Gold and graphic artist Minori Murakami collaborated to create these eerie digital collages of chameleon-like models. From the looks of it, the two artists combined multiple digital photographs, using Photoshop masks and blend modes. Nicely done. The third image down is particularly spooky (in a great way).

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