How To: Look dead in Photoshop

Look dead in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial the instructor shows how to do retouching to produce undead skin makeup. This video shows how to make a convincing, undead like, vampire skin make up. First open a image of the face which you want to make it look like undead face. Go to the channels panel and make a selection of just the face with the skin and exclude the rest of the head which includes the hair and other stuff. Now open a new adjustment layer and open the color balance tool. Fist select the mid tones and reduce the red saturation so that it gives the skin a blue tinge which makes it convincingly undead. Also increase the Magenta a little bit. Now in the shadow also reduce the amount of red and similarly change the highlights. Now playing around with the settings you will be able to generate a undead like look to the photo. This tutorial shows how to use Photoshop retouching to generate undead skin makeup.

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