How To: Make a colorful abstract background in Photoshop

Make a colorful abstract background in Photoshop

CreativeIceDesigns teaches you how to make a colorful abstract background using Adobe Photoshop. Go to File - New and make it 1280 x 720 pixels. Make the background black. Use the Lasso tool to make a star shape and fill it with white. Go to Filter - Blur - Radial Blur, amount 100%, zoom best. Go to Filter - Radial Blur. Then Filter - Stylize - Find Edges. Press CTRL + I to invert. Go to Filter - Distort - Twirl - 300 and press OK Duplicate this layer. Go to Filter - Distort - Twirl and choose -600. Change the layer on top to Lighten. Ctrl + click on both layers and then Merge layers. Duplicate the layer again, change it to Lighten. Edit the top layer - Transform - Flip vertical. Merge the layers and create a new one. Choose a light color and color around the layer and change this to Color. Repeat step with different color and paint location. You are now done with the abstract background.

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