How To: Add dramatic color to images in Photoshop

Add dramatic color to images in Photoshop

Tutvid shows you how to add flare and dramatic color to your raw camera images (usually the format of a DSLR). In a step-by-step guide with narration, Tutvid takes you through the process of using CameraRaw (used as an extension of Photoshop but never really brings it in photoshop) to add desired colors to your picture. Pull up your raw file in CameraRaw, and press "Command" or "Ctrl + R" to open up the editing panel. With an example, he shows you how to bring out lights in underexposed (dark) pictures. "Fill Light" brings out light in the foreground, while "Recovery" brings out the background. Both tend to wash out the image, so you might want to slide up "Contrast" to balance that out and get contrast. Sliding "Clarity" back softens the image, and sliding it forward sharpens it with a mid-tone punch (HDR-like feel). If you're unhappy with the temperature of the picture, you can scroll through the preset "White-Balances" to get the feel you want. With the adjustment brush, you can edit the picture even more to specifically fix different areas (brushes are adjustable for exposure, contrast, saturation, color etc.) and will have softer edges with more "Feather." You can create as many as you want. "Auto-mask" detects the edges for you, but with highly detailed parts it might be faulty (optional). Adjust with each step to see what brings out the best results! If you decide the picture is still too lackluster, you can use "HSL/ Lackluster" to adjust color levels (hues) to bring out certain colors and drain out others. The "Vignette" option under the "Lens Correction" tab helps you add a nice touch (black fading in corners) to your picture. Gradient filters can add saturated color to your picture to boost it even more. Use "Snapshot" can preview your before and after pictures to see the work you've done. Following this video, you'll be able to manipulate the colors of your pictures to their full potential and create a beautiful photograph.

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